...the public seemed mesmerized by the striking clarity and beauty of this performance, which transcends virtuosity, and by its pure musicality.
Kraus " New York Times

... Once again, Ms. Klintcharova and her partners were at the top of their game. This CD set is a consistently rewarding addition to the catalogue of French harp music.
David La Marche for New York Concert Review; New York, NY

Suzanna Klincharova's harp recital turned to a wonderful performance. The soloist imposed a difficult program, which she performed with remarkable musicality and techniques from the beginning to the end.
Reihener Zeitung (Bale)

The interpretation of Suzanna Klintcharova, her stage behavior - everything reveals a sense of elegance, refinement, delicacy, artistic proportion, and high culture. Her technique is remarkable, and her timbre palette - beautifully colored.
Lada Brachavanova Radio Sofia

We have highly appreciated the talented Bulgarian harpist Suzanna Klincharova, whom we have heard again - an artist with a pronounced sensitivity, musical sincerity, exceptional technique and contact with the audience.
Olivier "La semaine d'Anvers"

Her elegance, refinement and delicacy are further skills which intensify her perfect technique. A multifaceted program, performed with brio: this is the secret to a successful and highly appreciated concert.
"Ouest - France"

The soloist's pristine, buoyant, impeccable playing - sensitive to every delicate nuance in the music is matched by a vigorous, delicate and graceful accompaniment. The three most precious qualities of these performances are grace, beauty and unalloyed joy - all much needed antidotes to the late-XXth Century world.
Hansen "American Record Guide "

Suzanna Klincharova proves in these works every aspect of her talent. An enchantress when playing this instrument, she possesses in her performance all the qualities that ensure the success of this record.
"Bruxelles - Europe

A performance of the kind we have not heard for a long time - these words are not sufficient to express the delight of the listeners, amazed by the mastery of her fingers.
"Aktia" (Japan)

These three unfamiliar French scores are given pleasant and charming performances by the talented Suzanna Klintcharova. In the Boiëldieu's Concerto she has exactly the right measure of drama and lyricism, and she allows the music to sing beautifully. She demonstrates remarkable dexterity and precision. At the same time, her enthusiasm and enjoyment of the music is never far below the brilliant surface.
In the Saint-Saëns work Klintcharova's playing is enchanting and alert. As for the Pierné's Concertstück Klintcharova's playing is heavenly.
Thomas Godwell
American Record Guide Classical Net Review

The charming works are here performed with delicate understanding and technical ease by Suzanna Klincharova who is the most appropriate musician for this recording.
Edouard Mousset (Paris)
"Harmonie", °40

This long applauded recital we could sum up in the following words alone: a mastership from end to end, an exceptional expressiveness and excellent balance of sounds.
Ishimi Fudjio (Japan) "Tohoh - Nippoh"

From the very beginning we were delighted by her remarkable skill, by her convincing technique, poetic spirit and refinement.
Mons (Belgium