Suzanna Klintcharova is an excellent musician who has significant pedagogical experience. ...she is a harpist of great talent, an accomplished artist and pedagogue.
Marcel Landowski, chancelier de l'Institut de France

Teaching is a continuous involvement among Suzanna Klintcharova's activities. She started teaching at the Sofia State School of Music and later at the National Academy of Music. She has taught occasionally in The Brussels Royal Conservatory. She is currently a professor of harp in Paris since 1990. Suzanna Klintcharova is a PhD advisor in the NBU, where she gives master classes since 2011. She is a professor HC.

Her pedagogical project for the educational section of the Mairie de Paris has been performed for ten years.

Her concert career is very inspiring for her students and she encourages them to perform and follow her experimental work - premiering, recording, improvisations, mixed arts...

New projects are always welcomed and developed in the best manner.

She regularly works with composers, who would create new pieces for her class. She brings her students to the stage and would sometimes perform with them.

Member of most prestigious harp contest's jury, she gives regularly master classes in Europe and the USA. She works on projects with a number of famous universities.

Suzanna Klintcharova has an important contribution in the research and transcription of harp music.

There are prize winners among her students, and some of her graduates are already members of big orchestras or teaching in musical schools around the world.